GO2E Whitepaper

Go-to-Exclusive Mode

In Exclusive Mode, each user with NFT Sneakers can earn tokens by moving. To obtain OTM, users must have Stamina that ONLY recharges after getting an NFT Sneaker. To start, users need to select a Sneaker in the app and press the Run Now button.
  • 1 Stamina = 5 minutes moving & earning.
  • There is bonus Stamina(s) for higher Sneaker rarity.
  • Always check your Stamina before moving because there is no token earned if you have no Stamina.
Users can look at the status on the top of the screen, which indicates either Walking or Running.
Space Walking: If the app detects a weak GPS/internet signal or the user is not organically moving (i.e. using an electric scooter or strapping a phone on their dog), no OTM will be earned and users may/may not lose Stamina depending on the circumstance.
GPS Signal: White - No GPS; Red - Poor GPS; Green - Strong GPS.
Mystery Box (Coming soon): In Exclusive Mode, the Mystery Box is a loot box that is randomly dropped while you're on the go.