GO2E Whitepaper

Deposit/Withdraw token

With My Assets, you can deposit or withdraw GTE/OTM tokens between your wallet and the GO2E app:

Withdraw OTM

  • The default fee to withdraw OTM rewards from GO2E app is 20%, starting from your first run and will be decreased by 1%/day.
  • Minimum withdrawal fee is 8%.
  • After a successful withdrawal, the withdrawal fee is back to 20%.
  • Withdrawal amount per transaction: Min: 10 OTM; Max: 100 OTM
  • The withdrawal fee will be reduced if you join OTM/GTE Staking (more details will be revealed later)
Staking - The simplest and most effective strategy to increase your earnings with 30% APY
  • Increase withdrawal limit: Increase your withdraw max amount by 1 OTM with every 5000 GTE Staking
  • Reduce withdrawal fee: Get 5% reduction in withdrawal fee with every 10000 GTE Staking

Withdraw GTE

  • GTE withdrawal fee = 0% due to GTE earning is not enabled at the moment.
To prevent cheating, after your withdrawal request is sent, you will have to wait for 12-24 hours to get acceptance from the administrator.
You need to wait at least 24 hours between 2 consecutive withdraws